Renson Lapure is synonymous with a minimalist design pergola mounted to your home. This concept, with its discrete aluminium columns, really works wonders. This pergola with a fabric roof is the perfect match for a contemporary home, but in a Classic Line finish with cornices and ornaments, it certainly does not look out of place when paired with more traditional architectural styles either. On top of that, Lapure can easily be joined together — handy for anyone looking to extend their pergola with a fabric ceiling in the future. The screen roof shelters you from water, wind and sun. If you would like a panoramic view of the blue sky or stars at night, the roof can quickly and easily be fully retracted. Your design pergola can be mounted to your façade in one of two ways. Go for end columns with integrated water drainage to outsmart the rain. If you prefer a little more shade, opt for Renson Lapure with shifted columns, meaning the fabric roof or your pergola extends a little further. Renson Lapure can be sealed off on the sides by adding a Triangle insert starting from your façade first, before fitting surface-mounted Fixscreens in the remaining spaces. Finish the structure with stylish LED lighting, so that you can continue to enjoy your stylish pergola with a fabric roof in the evening.

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