The RENSON CAMARGUE pergola is crafted for those who appreciate a sleek and elegant appearance. All elements, including options and side panels, are seamlessly integrated for a cohesive look. Picture sophisticated sliding panels that can double as walls, along with lighting that sets a warm and inviting atmosphere after dark. The CAMARGUE pergola provides protection from the elements, allowing you to savor outdoor moments all day long, reminiscent of a retreat in the south of France. Its roof features aluminum louvers with versatile functions, enabling you to control sunlight, airflow, and rain protection with ease using the Somfy remote control. For even greater convenience, you can manage the pergola's settings through the Renson Connect app. After a rainfall, the roof can be swiftly reopened, with water draining away smoothly. Additionally, the patented design of the louvers ensures you stay dry when opening them after a shower, adding to the pergola's functionality and comfort.

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