Novus IOS - AERO


Renson Aero is a louvered roof that is perfectly integrated into existing or new structures. The roof structure becomes one with the home, so that the architectural picture is 100% consistent. This pergola with rotatable louvres ensures that the living climate on your patio is just right at all times. It takes you no time at all to set the ideal amount of light and ventilation. On top of that, the louvered roof in this pergola ensures you are always one step ahead of the rain. Countless options are available to apply the perfect finish to the louvered roof. A rain and wind sensor that automatically control the louvres in your pergola makes life much easier for you. Translucent louvres in the roof draw in natural daylight, and integrated ambient lighting or UpDown LED modules turn your patio into the perfect cocooning spot all year round!

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